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The editor, Chris Hollands, has a cynical view on this small but important world and just wants it to get better.

By tomjak, Jan 4 2017 05:27PM

To misquote Donald Rumsfeld, the problem with most internal audit departments is that they don't know what they don't know ! They have never sat down and determined what they expect of the people they have working for them let alone measured their abilities against some pre-determined set of skills or needs.

Thus, in some ways just throwing training at people is pointless, particularly if you haven't identified a specific need for it !!

Notwithstanding an identified need for training, as I talk with Heads of Audit I hear the constant complaint about the quality of audit report writing and I can but agree. Most internal audit reports I read miss the point completely and ignore basics like Root Cause Analysis.

To be frank, we probably don't need a detailed baseline competence study in each case to determine this, it seems to be the norm across the board, as long as a report is the medium of communication on "what I did and what I found" there will always be room for improvement.


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